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Blackjack rules govern the behavior of dealers and players in blackjack games.

There are two major types of blackjack rules.
The first category of blackjack rules is that of those which apply universally. These are the rules governing the basics of the game.
It is on the basis of these rules that a person who used to play blackjack in Europe can still enjoy it when he or she moves to America: since these basic conventions are pretty much universal.
The second category of blackjack rules is that of those which vary from place to place.
These tend to be the rules that govern the finer nuances of the game. These vary from place to place and indeed sometimes, from blackjack playing group to another, even within the same place.

Issues addressed by blackjack rules

Before proceeding to examine the issues addressed by blackjack rules, we need to point out that the blackjack rules card dealers have to adhere to are slightly different from those that apply to blackjack players.

There is a point of convergence though: in the fact that both sets of rules are designed to enhance clarity in the game and to minimize misunderstandings. Now, some of the issues addressed by blackjack rules include:

1. The dealing of cards: the relevant rules in this regard ensure that the person dealing the cards doesn`t resort to favoritism. Thanks to the rules in question, the whole issue of "card dealership" in blackjack games is reduced to a chance affair: where each player gets good or bad cards dealt to him or her depending solely on his or her luck that particular day. We also have basic rules on how the dealer should go about distributing the cards, how many cards should be dealt to a player, when the cards should be dealt, and so on.
2. The drawing of cards: these rules govern the people who play blackjack (as opposed to the blackjack dealers). They state things like the maximum numbers of cards to be drawn, when the cards are to be drawn, how the cards are to be drawn...and so on.
3. The determination of winnings: these rules come into play at the end of the game, when the players unmask their holdings. The rules in question here determine what constitutes a blackjack win, and what constitutes a blackjack loss. That ensures there are no disputes. Those who win do so in a clear cut manner. Those who lose similarly have no reason to complain. The rules mostly govern the calculation of hands values: seeing that blackjack is a card comparison game, where the basis for winning (or losing) is the value of the hands.

Some of the ways in which people typically learn blackjack rules include:

1. By having the rules explained to them by other blackjack players. Given the fact that the rules are relatively few and simple, this is a real possibility.
2. By reading on the rules. Since blackjack is such a popular game, there is a lot of literature (on the Internet and elsewhere) on blackjack rules.
3. By observation. Given the previously mentioned fact that blackjack rules are few and simple, it is possible to learn them by observation (if you are a very keen person).