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One of the keys to consistent success in blackjack games is to be found in the development of a good and effective blackjack strategy. The purpose served by a blackjack strategy .

A good blackjack strategy is supposed to help the person who applies it in two ways.
Firstly, the strategy should help the person who applies it to maximize wins, whenever things happen to be working in his or her favor within the context of the blackjack game.

Secondly, the strategy should help the person who applies it to minimize losses, whenever things happen to be working against him or her, in the blackjack game context.

The basic concept of a blackjack strategy

In order to appreciate the basic concept of a blackjack strategy, you need to understand that blackjack is a game that is played using cards.

The cards are handed out to the players by a "game official" commonly referred to as the dealer. The dealing of the cards is pretty much a random affair.
But the players also have the chance to draw cards, and here, one has chance to make some conscious choices.

All blackjack strategies revolve around the identification (and consistent tracking) of cards already dealt.
The cards that are already dealt are visible to all players. From these, it is possible to get an idea of which cards haven`t already been dealt.
And with that knowledge of cards that haven`t been dealt, it is possible to work out the odds of winning, upon making certain wagers.

Indeed, looking at the cards that are already dealt, vis a vis those that a person holds, it is possible to get an idea as to how well or badly one is doing in the game.

How to develop a blackjack strategy

If you are to develop a blackjack strategy, you first of all need to get yourself acquainted with the basic blackjack rules. Your strategy will be useless if it turns out to be in conflict with the core rules of blackjack. There is a lot of information on blackjack rules online and elsewhere. In any event, blackjack rules are not really hard (you can even learn them by observation). Having learnt the basic blackjack rules, you need to go ahead and read the available literature on blackjack strategy.

The idea is to have a good idea on what others have, in terms of blackjack strategies, so that you too can develop yours along those lines.

There is really no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. There is so much you can learn from others.
As a final step, you need to apply the blackjack strategies learnt in the previous step, taking note of each strategy`s effect.
This way, you get a chance to refine the strategies, thus coming up with your own blackjack strategy. In this regard, there are several tools that can be helpful.

The first of those is the blackjack strategy card. The second one is the blackjack strategy chart.
These are tools which help you hasten the blackjack strategy development process, whilst also increasing the chances of coming up with a truly effective strategy.


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