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Casino bonus codes are best described as "implementation tools" through which online casino management teams offer bonuses to their respective casinos patrons. The Bonus codes in question are normally alphanumeric, meaning that they are made up of alphabetical characters as well as numeric characters - just like passwords.
But we do occasionally come across Casino Bonus Codes that are either purely made up of numeric characters, or purely made up of alphabetic characters.

How do casino bonus codes work?

As mentioned earlier, casino bonus codes are meant to be tools whose ultimate use is that of facilitating the process through which casinos offer bonuses to their members.
Once members qualify to benefit from bonuses (specified qualification criteria), the casino managers give them bonus codes. These are codes they are supposed to enter at a specified text box, when logged into their casino accounts.
Upon entering the codes, an interesting thing happens: their casino account (cash) balances go up!
In a way of speaking then, casino bonus codes can actually be viewed as 'cash codes.'
That is because being in possession of them is as good as being in possession of cash.
Upon entering them at the specified point, your online casino account balance goes up - meaning that the bonus codes are, in fact, as good as cash money!

What necessitates casino bonus codes?

One question that people tend to pose, regarding these bonus codes, is one as to why the casino management teams find it necessary to use them. The question makes sense, given the fact that the casino management teams also have the option of simply going ahead and, while logged in as administrators adding the bonus cash directly into the player accounts.

So the question here is as to why they go to the extent of using casino bonuses codes.

The answer to that particular question becomes obvious once we take cognizance of the rationale for which casino bonuses are offered.

It emerges that the casino management teams offer the casino bonuses as tokens of appreciation (or as invitational tokens) to their casinos players.

Now under that state of affairs, if the bonuses are simply offered by way of padding up the player accounts with the bonus funds, there is a risk that some patrons wouldn't even come to a point of noticing the casino cash account balance changes!

So as to make the patrons awake to the fact that they are actually being awarded bonuses, bonus codes are employed.

How can casino patrons tap into casino bonuses?

The Internet is awash with articles containing practical casino bonus tips.

From such articles, you can get information on what you need to do, in order to tap into (take full advantage of) casino bonuses.
In some cases, you don't really have to do much to become a beneficiary of these bonuses.
Where, for instance, we are looking at sign up bonuses, you only need to open accounts with the online casinos offering them, so as to benefit from them.

Where we happen to be looking at the new no deposit casino bonus deals, you only need to be a member in one of the casinos offering the bonuses, in order to benefit from them.

It is worth mentioning that there are websites which keep track of (and regularly publish information pertaining to) the latest casino bonus deals.