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Nowadays, it is possible to play craps online.
This has become possible thanks mainly to advances in the technologies used in the development and implementation of online casino games.
As we all know, online casino games tend to be (for the most part) replicas of the games offered in brick and mortar casinos.
And given the fact that one of the most popular games offered in brick and mortar casinos is craps, it was pretty much inevitable that a time would come when online craps would become available as well.

How to play craps online. Advice from

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The first step that anyone seeking to play craps online has to take is that of identifying an internet casino where one of the games on offer is craps.
As mentioned earlier, Internet casinos endeavor to be perfect -- or near-perfect -- replicas of brick and mortar casinos.
One way in which they attain that goal is by offering their patrons the games that are typically offered in brick and mortar casinos.
As mentioned earlier, craps is one of those games: hence the scenarios where we find majority of the web casinos offering it.
You don't however, have to be in an online casino to get the chance to play craps online.
In the traditional setting (before the advent of the Internet), we used to have situations where people would play craps informally.
On the Internet, such situations still exist: through informal playing rooms where you can actually play craps free for fun (and, of course, with no expectation of monetary winnings).
Having identified a place where you can play craps online, you'll need to register.
If it is in a casino, you'll need to take the more practical step of depositing funds: those being the funds you'd subsequently use to buy chips (and by extension make bets).
Having bought chips, you'll need to wait for an opportune moment, prior to the roll of the dice, to make a bet.
The good with taking part in a craps online game is that the online craps is typically devoid of the petty squabbles we tend to see in brick and mortar casinos.
When you play a craps game online, the interaction is simply between you and the machine.

How to be successful when playing craps online

It will be quite meaningless for you to play craps online, if you keep on losing game after game.
This is particularly painful if you are playing for real money (in which case, each loss represents a real financial loss).
Thankfully, there are some basic steps you can take, to minimize your losses (though we have to point out that there is nothing you can do to avoid the losses altogether).
If you want to be successful when playing craps online, you first of all need to master the rules of the game fully, before starting to bet with real cash.
Secondly, if to be successful when playing craps online, you need to develop a strategy.
The strategy should ideally be composed of moves that minimize the edge that the casino has over you.
This in turn increases your chances of winning, when applied consistently.