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In this brief discussion on craps, we'll be seeking to define the game, and explore other practical issues such as how to play craps and how to enhance chances of winning in this game.

Defining craps

Craps is a game based on dice rolls.
It is a game where participants place bets on dice roll outcomes.
The dice are then rolled (there are usually two dice in this game), and the people who placed bets on the outcomes that turn out to be true are the winners.
There are complexities though, given the fact that different dice outcomes tend to be treated differently, and they tend to yield different payouts in different casinos.
It is also worth noting that in many cases where craps is played for real money, the whole thing tends to be subject to multiple dice rolls, as opposed to a single dice roll.

How to play craps. Method game from


There are two main models under which this particular game is played.
The first model is the one where the game is played informally (between friends for instance), and where the participants bet against each other.
The second model is the one where the game is played in casinos. In this particular model, the participants get to bet against the casino, or 'the house' as it is often referred in these circles.
We further need to mention that craps is a game which can be played in the real world (using physical dice and tangible playing tables).
It is also a game which can be played online.
In the last few years, we have witnessed what can only be termed as phenomenal growth in online craps popularity.
The applicable crap rules when you play craps online are not fundamentally different from the rules that are applicable when you play the game in the traditional manner, using tangible dice.
The only difference is in terms of the media used for playing. Given the fact that this is a very popular game (even among members of the general, non-gaming population), it is hardly surprising to learn that almost all casinos have it as one of the games on offer.
In that regard, we are talking about both the brick and mortar casinos as well as the online casinos.
We also have some online playing rooms where one can play free craps: that is, without having to bet with real money.
Those are schemes where people play for fun, as opposed to playing for real cash winnings.
People seeking to refine their craps strategy also find such 'dummy craps' games useful: to the extent that, using such games, they can put their strategies into practice and refine them without risking losing real cash losses.
Upon joining a table where craps is being played, you need to check the status of the game: to figure out whether or not it is still at a stage where bets can be placed.
If it is at a stage where bets can be played, you need to place yours' carefully (to increase your odds of winning), and then wait for the dice to be rolled, to see whether or not you have won.

How to enhance odds of winning at craps

In order to substantially enhance your chances of winning at craps, you need to be awake to the fact that there are some betting outcomes for which the 'house edge' is lower than others.
Those are the betting outcomes you need to become familiar with, and place your bets on them consistently, so as to substantially enhance your odds of winning.