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Craps is a game of chance
It is believed that men in medieval times played a game similar to modern day craps. This game of craps goes back to the Holy Roman Empire when soldiers would entertain themselves by shaving down pig knuckles into cube shapes which they would toss onto their inverted shields. From this came the term "to roll the bones".

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Others believe craps originated in America from an old dice game called hazard. The rules of hazard were established by French mathematician Pierre Remond de Montmort in the early 1700s.

The origin of the word "craps" is not clear, but it may have come from "crab eyes" a term used in hazard, or possibly from the French "crapeaud", for toad.

craps onlineIn 1813, Bernard de Mandeville of New Orleans simplified the game of hazard into the game of craps. This revised game soon became popular in Mississippi river steamboats and later spread to casinos and gambling halls throughout the country. By 1910, craps had become the most popular casino game in the world.

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