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There are three major ways in which you can get a chance to play free blackjack. The first way in which you can get a chance to play free blackjack games would be by joining one of the casinos where the game is offered, and where players are given bonuses.

When you get one of the bonuses, the blackjack games you be playing using the bonus funds would essentially be free blackjack games.
That is because you wouldn`t be actually paying for the games, notwithstanding the fact that you`d be playing for real cash winnings.
You`ll be delighted to learn that nowadays we even have some casinos offering patrons tokens referred to as *no deposit blackjack bonuses*.
Through these, as a new member to a casino, you can get a chance to play blackjack free of charge in the realest sense of the word.
The second way in which you can get a chance to play free blackjack game would be by joining one of the informal online playing rooms.
In these informal playing rooms, you`d probably be playing for fun (as opposed to betting to win hard cash). In this category, there are many websites (playing rooms) where you can play free blackjack online.
The third way in which you can get a chance to play real blackjack games would be by organizing informal blackjack games with friends. Unlike other casino games, which are played using complex pieces of equipment (such as roulette tables and slots machines), blackjack is unique in the sense that it is played using cards.
Thus, a group of people with a deck of cards can enjoy a game of blackjack free of charge.

Playing the blackjack games

The rules of blackjack remain constant, whether one is playing blackjack for real cash winnings or not. Wherever blackjack games are played, they start with the dealing of two cards to the players.
The players then keep on drawing cards, the objective of each player being to ensure that he or she ends up with the most valuable *hand* at the end of it all.
The value of the hands (card combinations) is made clear by the blackjack game rules.

What normally happens at the end of the game is that the players reveal what they reckon to be their best hands.
The values of the hands are ascertained, and the players holding the most valuable card combinations (hands) as defined in the basic blackjack rules are ultimately declared winners.

The distinction in free blackjack games

In the free black jack games where people play for fun (as opposed to betting with hard cash), the distinction tends to be in terms of the anticipated rewards.

Where people play blackjack games with hard cash, they expect to win money, if they end up with the most valuable hands on the tables.
On the other hand, where people play free black-jack games for run, the only expected reward is the joy associated with being a winner in any game.
Still, it is worth mentioning that it is not all blackjack games that are played for fun (with no expectation of monetary rewards).
Where the games become *free* by virtue of the fact that they are played with casino bonus money, there is still the expectation of cash winnings, should one end up with the most valuable *hand*.