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A growing number of the online casinos where poker is available as a game offer free poker chips.

Upon coming across such free poker chips offers, you may find yourself at a loss as to what they are all about.

That is the question we will be attempting to answer here.

We will be specifically seeking to define what free poker chips are, what you can do with them and who exactly can benefit from them

Defining free poker chips

In order to be in a position to define free poker chips, we first of all need to appreciate that ordinarily, it costs money to play poker (whether online casino, or in a traditional casino).

This is money you use to purchase the 'bets.' And as it turns out, it is the bets that are also referred to as 'free casino chips' in poker parlance.

Now it further emerges that, as a business promotional measure, there are some casinos which offer their members free poker chips (that is, free poker betting tokens).

In a nutshell then, free poker chips are best defined as 'free poker betting tokens.'

In a way of speaking, these can also be referred to as free poker money.

That is because by giving their patrons free poker chips, what the casinos effectively do is offer them free money to play poker.

Types of free poker chips

There are actually two major types of free poker chips you can access:

1. Free poker chips that entitle you to real cash winnings: these are chips with which you bet in poker games where folks are actually playing for real cash.

By giving their patrons such free poker chips, the casinos effectively incur expenses.

These are typically treated as promotional expenses.

Needless to say, casinos tend to be a bit mean in cases where the free poker chips being offered are those with which real poker games (where folks win real money) can be played.

2. Free poker chips that entitle you to 'practice' games: these are chips with which you can bet in practice (dummy/simulated) poker games, where people don't play for real cash winnings.

The sites that, for instance, organize free poker practice games end up having to give their members free poker chips with which to play such practice games.

And since the stakes here are so much lower (as there are no real financial implications), the casinos tend to be extremely generous with these types of free poker chips.

Indeed, with this type of chips, you pretty much get as many as you ask for: for practice purposes of course.

Who can benefit from free poker chips?

Where the free poker chips turn out to be those with which real cash can be won, pretty much everybody can be a beneficiary.

But where the chips happen to be those that are meant to be used in practice games (that is, chips with which no real money can be won), only people seeking to 'up' their games through practice are likely to find them beneficial.