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There are several types of free poker games you can take part in home.

We will be examining them, with a view to understand what each free poker game variety is all about.

We will later be seeking to understand what you need to do, in order to be in a position to take part in these free poker games.

Defining free poker games Free poker games are those where you don't pay to play.

These are interesting games, seeing that poker is, traditionally, played with money and by people seeking to win even more money.

One way or another then, one is expected to pay in order to have a chance to play poker.

In some cases, one actually pays some sort of flat fee for the opportunity to play poker, before proceeding to pay for the individual bets he or she gets to place in the course of the poker game.

In other cases, the opportunity to play the poker doesn't have to be paid for though, at the very least, one is expected to pay for the bets he or she places.

With free poker games, all that is done away with: people get to play the poker games free of charge, without paying in any way.

Types of free poker games

There are three ways in which free poker games are classified.

On the basis of which, we end up with two types of free poker games (for each classification criteria).

And that leaves us with six major types of free poker games.

On the basis of the medium used to play the free poker games, we end up with:

1. Free poker games that are played with ordinary cards

2. Free video poker games (that are played on machines, with 'virtual cards').

On the basis of why the free poker games are played, we end up with

3. Free poker games that are played for real cash winnings

4. Free poker games that are played for fun or for practice, with no prospect of real cash winnings

On the basis of where the free poker games are played, we end up with

5. Free poker games that are played in online casinos (and online 'playing rooms')

6. Free poker games that are played in brick and online casinos

How to get a chance to take part in free poker games

If you are take part in free poker games, you'll first of all have to identify the casinos or online playing rooms where such free poker games are on offer.

If it is a brick and mortar casino you are looking at, you'll only need to walk in, and join other patrons taking part in the free poker games.

We do have to mention, though, that there are very few brick and mortar casinos that (ever) allow people to play poker games for free.

Still, if you are lucky enough to encounter one such casino, you can just pop in.

Your chances of playing free poker games are, however, likely to be higher if you look for the opportunities to play such games online.

This is, of course, assuming that you are already conversant with online poker games rules.

In this latter case, you'd probably need to sign up as a 'member' in one of the online casinos or online 'playing rooms' offering such free poker games, so as to take part in them.