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There are two types of free slots spins you can access in online casinos.

The casinos in question here are those which offer their members chances to take part in and enjoy free slots games.

The free slot game playing system is usually implemented through free slots spins allocations. As we all know, almost all slots games played in casinos are games where playing rounds are termed as 'spins.'

Therefore, the casinos that offer free slots games to their members effectively offer those members free slots spins.

In some cases, the number of free spins offered is limited.

In some other cases, the number of free spins offered is unlimited.

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of free slots spins you can access in the online casinos that offer their members chances to enjoy free slots games.

Without further ado, those types of free spins you can access in such casinos include:

1.Free slots spins you access upon depositing money:

once you deposit money into your casino playing account, that money gives you a certain number of playing rounds.

The playing rounds would be termed as spins, in case you are thinking of playing a slots game.

But then we have some online casinos that add some free spins on top of those that you automatically gain access to by virtue of having deposited a given sum of money into your account.

Thus, for instance, if the sum of money you deposited into your account gave you access to 50 spins, the casino adds you five free slots spins.

The online casinos which do this often turn out to be casinos running free slots games with bonus offers.

Sometimes, these offers are transient (limited-time) offers.

But we also have some online casinos running free slots games with bonus offers in perpetuity:

that is, casinos which always have such deals running.

The architecture of the free slots spins offered in this way is such that old (long-time) members of various casinos end up benefiting a great deal from them.

No deposit free slots spins

2. No deposit free slots spins: these are free spins that are distinguished by the fact that you don't actually have to deposit any cash into your online casino playing account to access them.

Some of these are offered to folks who identify themselves as new members of the casinos.

That is where, upon signing up with an online casino, and specifying that you want to take part in slots games, you are automatically given a certain number of free slots.

Through these, you have a chance to check out the casino, in order to have a good feel of it.

Once you have exhausted the free spins allocated to you, you can deposit some cash into your playing account, in order to access other spins.

Needless to say, the online casinos that run these sorts of free slots spin deals do so with the objective of increasing their memberships.

Given a choice between casinos offering the free slots spins (however few) and those offering none, most people will naturally opt for the former.