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Two Types of Online Casino Sites Where You Can Play Free Slots Games
There are two types of online casino where you can play free slots games.

We will be examining each of these, with a view to understand
what it takes to play the free slots games in each type of online casino sites.

Without further ado, the two types of online casino where you can play free slots games are:

1. Online casino sites where you play free slots games with a chance to win real money:

these are casinos where you literally stand to get something for nothing!

In these online casino, you get a given number of free slots spins - these being spins where you have a chance to win real money.

The casinos that offer those sorts of spins typically do it as some sort of member attraction strategy.

It is usually one where you are given a limited number of free slots spins.

Once you exhaust your free slot spins, you are expected to pay up, and start playing with real money.

For the duration when you enjoy the opportunity to play free slots, it is the sites that finance your playing (with their marketing budgets).

The idea is to give you a chance to get a feel of what playing on their systems is like.

The whole arrangement in question here is akin to the no deposit offers we get from time to time, from various other online casinos.

That is an offer where, as a new member, you don't have to deposit any money in your account to start playing the various (real) casino games.

Rather, the casino deposits the initial funds for you to play with into your casino.

Once you exhaust those, you are expected to start depositing cash to play with into your accounts.

But initially, you get a chance to play for free (with the possibility of winning real cash), so that you can get a 'feel' of the system.

We also have some online casinos offering their old members the chance to play free slot games, as some sort of a bonus.

That is where, for instance, you are given one free slot spin for every ten that you pay for.

Anywhere you encounter an online casino site offering free slots games (with a chance to win real money) to its members, the whole thing turns out to be a marketing strategy.

The offer is usually limited in some way: that is, the people who get the chance to play the free slot games have to start paying at some point.

It is hard, for instance, to encounter a casino site offering people the chance to take part in unlimited free slots tournaments where they have a chance of winning real cash.

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2. Online casino where you play free slots games 'just for fun': these are sites where people don't play with real money and where, subsequently, there is no chance of winning real money. People just play for fun.

In these sorts of sites, there is usually no limitation in the number of free slots spins you get.

Indeed, in these sites where people just play for fun (with no chance of winning real cash), you can get a chance to partake of countless free slots tournaments.

However, if you want to take things to the next level, and start playing for real money, you are forced to opt for the other variety of sites: where you have to deposit some cash to take part in the slots tournaments.