How to Play Video Poker

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If you are keen on playing video poker, the first step you will have to take is that of identifying a casino which offers video poker as a game.

Majority of casinos nowadays offer video poker games, so this shouldn't be too much of a struggle.

The only variation we tend to see is in the amount of space various casinos allocate for video poker, with some allocating it more space than others.

But, thanks mainly to the popularity of video poker, and growth in the number of the people who actually know how to play video poker, majority of casinos nowadays do offer it.

It helps too, that the machines used to play video poker are operated more or less along the same lines as the classical slots machine models.

This means that majority of casinos which had developed capacity in offering slots games find it easy to make the switch to video poker.

Ultimately, when looking for a casino where you can play video poker games, you'll find yourself having two key options, namely:

- Option one: playing video poker in a traditional brick and mortar casino.

- Option two: playing a simulation of video poker in an online casino.

Paying for the game

It is relatively hard to come across casinos offering people opportunity to play free poker games (except in cases where those happen to be 'practice games' where people don't actually play to win real money). This means that, in most cases, you'll need money to play video poker.

If you are playing the video poker online, you will need to deposit some cash into your online casino/playing room account.

Traditional brick and online casinos have currency verification facilities, where you insert cash to play with.

Either way, once you have money within the system, you'll have it counted in terms of 'credits.'

You can either opt to bet with some of your 'credits,' or you can opt to cash the credits.

Incidentally, if you actually win in video poker, the winnings are also added to your credits, and you can use them to play more games, or opt to cash them.

Starting a game

To start a game, you just specify that you want to bet with so many credits, upon which action a game is set up for you.

In this system, the machine serves as the card dealer, and you also play against it (there are no real human opponents to play against).

Playing the game

Once the game starts moving, a hidden set of cards will be randomly dealt to you.

And as with ordinary poker, you will need to skillfully play these (by 'holding' or 'discarding') against the card holdings of the machine at various stages of the game.

Your success will depend on both your skill and luck.


As is the case with ordinary poker, winning in video poker is all about having the right card combinations at the crucial points in the game.

The best card combination you can have is the 'royal flush.'

As mentioned earlier, whatever you win, in terms of real cash is added to your credits, which are displayed on a meter within the machine you play video poker on.

You have two options in terms of how you can use those credits you win: you can either cash them, or use them for (further) betting within the casino.