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Queen of Hearts Slots Game

Queen of Hearts Slots Game popular modern casino games

Queen of Hearts Slots

Win a jackpot of $10,000 on ONE shot!

  • 4-line slot machine
  • Bet from 1¢ to $10
  • Play with our latest Auto-Play Feature
  • The maximum wager is seven $10 coins
  • Cash out with your preferred method of payment

For every coin that you put in an additional payline is enabled. For example, 3 coins enables the first, second and third paylines. The fourth payline is disabled.

  • 1 Coin enables the first (diagonal, upper-left to lower-right - $ sign symbols) payline and the center payline
  • 2 Coins enables the second (diagonal, upper-left to lower-right - red rose symbols) payline
  • 3 Coins enables the third (diagonal, upper-right to lower-left - $ sign symbols) payline
  • 4 Coins enables the fourth (diagonal, upper-right to lower-left - red rose symbols) payline

The winnings paid out on Queen of Hearts are dependent on the symbol combination that lands on an enabled payline, the value of the coin bet and the number of coins bet. The total of your winnings is the number of coins won times the value of the coin played.

The CASINO LOGOS are non-paying symbols in Queen of Hearts.

Pay-line Combinations Pay-line Coins Won

3 Clubs 1 \ 100
3 Spades 2 \ 400
3 Clubs 3 / 1000
3 Spades 4 / 2000

Center Pay-line Combination 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins 4 Coins

3 Queen of Hearts 500 1000 1500 2000
3 Diamonds 200 400 600 800
3 Sevens 100 200 300 400
ANY Spades 10 20 30 40
ANY Clubs 5 10 15 20

Enjoy the excitement and thrill of Queen of Hearts Slots at one of the below casinos and receive a complementary bonus on your first purchase.

Queen of Hearts Slots

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