Video Poker Strategy

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If you are to win video poker games, there are two things that you really must have.

Firstly, you much have luck. This is because, to a certain extent, video poker is a game of chance (hence the reason as to why it is played in casinos).

There is really nothing much you can do to increase your luck.

The second thing you must have, in order to win video poker games, is skill.

This is because video poker is, again to some extent, a game of skill.

That is why some people consistently do better at it than others: suggesting that winning is not purely a game of chance.

Unlike your luck though, your skill is definitely something you can increase.

You increase your skill at playing video poker games by:

1. Learning about video poker strategies which actually work.

2. Practicing the learnt video poker strategies.

3. Developing your own effective video poker strategies.

Ways in which you can learn about video poker strategies that actually work.

There are several ways in which you can learn about video poker strategies that actually work.

One way in which you can learn about video poker strategies which actually work is by making use of the resources in the websites which teach people how to play video poker.

Another way in which you can learn about video poker strategies that actually work is by watching pros playing video poker, and taking note of the winning strategies they seem to be using.

The concept of 'winning hands' As we all know, video poker is a game where the playing units are referred to as 'hands.'

Thus, at the beginning of the game, you are dealt a 'hand.'

At the end of the game, if you are to be viewed as a winner, you are supposed to be having a winning 'hand.'

In this context, a 'hand' is best described as being simply a particular combination of poker cards.

In traditional poker, these would be physical cards. In video poker, these turn out to be, more or less, virtual cards: as displayed on the machine you play video poker on.

Now as a person trying to learn video poker strategy, you need to start by acquainting yourself with the winning hands.

This shouldn't be hard (as the card combinations which constitute winning hands are well known, as part of the general poker rules).

What is trickier though, is learning the strategies through which the best poker players are able to end up with the winning hands.

To learn this, you'll probably have to undertake something known as example hand analysis.

That is where you work backwards from a winning hand: trying to understand the steps taken by the pro poker players with such winning hands, in order to end up in that position.

So, at a practical level, the way you get to learn video poker strategies is essentially through 'example hand analysis.'

Poker strategy tips

Learning video poker strategy has two aspects.

The first one is the practical aspect: where you learn through example hand analysis, as described earlier.

The second one is the more theoretical aspect, where you learn by making use of the general poker strategy tips.

You can find many of these tips online.

You first of all need to make a point of learning them by heart.

Then you need to watch them at play, through example hand analysis.

After this, you need to practice them yourself.

Having done all that, there will be very little reason as to why you shouldn't become a real video poker pro.